The difference between undergraduate and postgraduate study

Even though it feels like an age since I graduated my undergraduate degree (it wasn’t), I can probably quite easily put my finger on the differences between undergraduate study compared to postgraduate study which I am doing now. It’s two different worlds of education but here it goes…

The main difference I’ve noticed since making the step to postgraduate is the independent study I have. Currently I have about five hours formal contact time a week meaning that I have to do approximately 30 hours work outside of the classroom a week. This is not as difficult as you may think due to the fact tutorials and meetings with lecturers are not limited so I can always ask for help. With my postgraduate study there’s also no more group projects, it’s you and your degree which is really quite refreshing. The great part about this is it means that you get to research and study what interests you and the modules just facilitate your interests, enabling you to go and study what you want to.     

 The lectures I have are not just for theatre postgraduates but cover other subject disciplines too which means that you get lectures in subjects that aren’t strictly within your cognate discipline. This is really great for generating responses to essays and research projects.              

Postgraduate study is also great at doing two things, preparing you for going out into the working world with some programs offering work places abroad; while others prepare you for further study. Therefore picking what you want to after your postgraduate study is definitely something you have to keep in mind. Postgraduate study is something that needs motivation that comes from working independently but is nevertheless still very enjoyable!