From London Conferences to scratch night performances

It’s been a super busy time for me, trying to fit in all my commitments while starting postgraduate study but recently I’ve had some very exciting opportunities. I’ve recently returned from a London research conference (paid for by the university) at the national theatre. It was a very long day starting at 9.30 and finishing at 6.30. I left feeling a bit out of my depth; but I got to network and meet top scholars in my research field! Being in a room with so many educated people was very intimidating but it was a real learning curve of what academia is like (not sure if it's for me just yet) however it was a decent experience to look back on.  During the visit I also let my inner film lover out and visited the British Film Institute- has to be said it was an opportunity I couldn’t allow myself to miss especially being right next door for most of the day.

Since being back in Plymouth, I recently performed at scratch night with Plymouth university which Is a student led showcase where performances range from dance, theatre and music. I performed with my good friend Callum a piece inspired by social media and tinder. The shocking thing is...  people laughed which is a total surprise as I've never been one good with jokes or humour on stage! Anyhow it's a monthly occurring event which is free to attend and searchable on Facebook and here are a few photos from our performance on the 19th November. If this is something that you're interested in while you're studying in Plymouth, whether it's the organisational or performance aspect, the committee are very welcoming.