My journey/ decision to start postgraduate study


Postgraduate Nathaniel: So, Nathaniel what do you think you’ll do once you graduate?

Undergraduate Nathaniel : Well, I like performing and teaching so probably move to London to do some acting jobs. Then go back to university to do a PGCE become a teacher, get a puppy and….

Plymouth University:… What about a masters?

Postgraduate nathaniel: Excuse me?

Undergraduate Nathaniel: What?

I thought I had it all planned out when I started university every little step and I suppose that’s where I made my first mistake. I'm a theatre graduate ( as of very recently) and planning is definitely not a strong attribute of mine- I like to blame it on the spontaneity of performance rehearsal or for want of a better phrase “I like to wing it”

My journey to postgraduate study started quite simply by stumbling upon a subject area that grabbed me-the subject area being black masculinity and how it is performed and represented in popular culture. An area I read books and books researching for a third year module and I still wasn't tired of it but worse- I wasn't finished. I did well for the module by narrowly missing out on a first but I was getting increasing frustrated by the fact I had only discovered a tip of the iceberg (I enjoy a cliché).

Feeling perhaps a little lost after handing in my final piece of work regarding the research I had carried out and edging closer to the end of my undergraduate degree an opportunity arose- a competition. The competition was for the 3D3 research Masters Competition in which (if successful) tuition fees and living costs would be paid for. Even though I felt it was unlikely for me to get it- I applied anyway.

The Masters in which I applied for meant I could carry on my earlier project on black masculinity without having to leave university, save money then having to return.

I wasn't sure at the time whether I was going to get the place or not so on a whim I did a few modelling jobs, found myself a part time job and waited to hear back.

I hated not being a  student so it was very fortunate that I got the place!.....And here I am starting my research!