๐ŸŽ‡ Bonfire Night

Despite this being my second year studying in Plymouth, it was my first time going down to the Hoe to see the fireworks, as last year I was on a course trip in Sheffield, and I must say IT WAS AMAZING!

I started Bonfire Night with some friends, roasting marshmallows and lighting some sparklers in the back garden, along with some cheesy music being played, which made the start of our night exciting! With my friendsโ€™ testaments about last year, I had high hopes about the fireworks display this year. We played some music on our walk to the Hoe, only to find out it was a lot more crowded than last year, but not letting that stop us. There was a lot of things happening on the Hoe, people selling light up toys, food trucks of all kinds, fair rides and obviously the company of my friends, which cannot compare to anything else.

We made our way through the crowd and got to the rides. We went on a few of them and obviously screamed our lungs outโ€ฆ because a fair ride is not a fair ride without some screaming and laughter. The whole atmosphere was great. Despite it being mid-term, when many students have deadlines, everywhere I looked I could just see smiley or excited faces. Bonfire Night provided a welcome distraction and gave us students a chance to have a break, we didnโ€™t have anything to worry about other than enjoying the atmosphere and the fair rides. By the time we went closer to the bonfire it was already lit, but spending some time with my friends whilst we waited for the fireworks display was so worth it.

I am a HUGE fireworks fanatic, I love everything about them; the colours, the coordination of them with cheesy pop music while going โ€˜ooohโ€™ and โ€˜aaaahโ€™. Watching the fireworks in awe from the Hoe with my friends and partner is something I will remember. Even though it was very cold on that night, being with the people I care about that evening made me feel warm inside. I absolutely loved the fireworks! Even though there was no music played in coordination with the fireworks, I would undoubtedly go again next year without any hesitation, it was a great experience. After the fireworks, there were huge crowds making their way home. The line for food at Jakeโ€™s was a lot smaller than the line for McDonaldโ€™s, and going home to the warmth and comfort of my bed topped the whole night off.

Bonfire night, this year, was a lot more special than last year. It was so much better than being stuck on a mini bus for a course trip to Sheffield.

Next holiday: CHRISTMAS!