❄️ The December and January Period ❄️

Being in London the festive period can be super busy. The lead up to January can be quiet, but in London there is so much to do! Here are some of the things I got up to:

Catching up with Friends:

The best thing about being in London during the festive period is seeing my friends come home for the holidays. I get to catch up with them with what they have been up to at university and how they have been overall. Keeping in touch with your friends from back home (before you started university) is a big one for me. You know who you can talk to when situations arise and you need some good solicited advice.


As I went to the Jiangnan Design Summer School over Summer ’18, one of my Chinese friends came to London and I was able to show her around to some cool places. We went to Winter Wonderland, China Town, Camden and a few more places too. It was sweet to see my friend again and to have a massive catchup from over the last few months, as well as educating her on “London Culture”.


Some of my friends from Plymouth also came to London to visit and I got to take them around London! It felt so weird showing them the area where I live but roaming around on the tube and going to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland (again) was a lovely touch to end the trip!

Places I have visited:


Over the December/January period, I have been roaming around to different places in London such as Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival as well as places for my part time job such as Royal Albert Hall, Twickenham, Wembley Stadium etc. Going to different places helped me to familiarise myself with London a lot better than I did before I started placement.


In addition to this, I went to visit my friends in Plymouth to celebrate my birthday weekend and to sort my housing for September 2019. I also got to visit one of my friends in Colchester. As we were on the same course, it was amazing to see her after a long period and talk to her as if nothing has changed at all!



I’m a few months after settling in my job role at placement, and I love what I do with the people on my team. We are one big happy family and if something is wrong, we work together to sort the problem out. I feel like I have made some good friends and connections.


Starting placement in January was a little bit difficult, but having a one-to-one with my boss helped. She’s great with career advice and what I need to do to help make my future the best that it can be!