🏠 Visiting Home 🏠

Second semester was a long-laboured term, for me and everyone that I can think of, so it was nice to be back in London after 2 months of being at university. I made sure that I spend time with my close friends and family, catching up with what has been going on as well as having some β€˜me time’. Here are a couple of the things I got up to:

Outings in London

My cousin and I are close; however, we only get to see each other during the holidays as I am studying, and she is working. We planned to go out in London and do something together while having a huge catch up, like we did last year. We went to Aldwych where the β€˜Isle of Dogs’ exhibit was held. β€˜Isle of Dogs’ is a stop motion animated film directed by Wes Anderson, where it is set in the dystopian near-future of Japan. The exhibition shows the props used in the film, with different scenes and clips from the film itself. There is also a noodle bar, like the one in the film, where you can get ramen and drinks to sit in and eat, so obviously we sat down to eat something and take in this experience. After the exhibit we went to Chinatown to have some dumplings and bubble tea then headed off to Tottenham Court Road to do some shopping. Later, during the week, my cousin suggested that we should go to a comedy club, as it was free. We got there only to find out they have reached capacity; however, we knew that we would go there when we are back in London, so instead went different bars and ending the night in McDonalds. Knowing that I won’t see my cousin till the summer has made the time with her during the holidays worthwhile, trying new things and going on a London adventure was fun!


Catching Up

As all my close friends in London are at university, the only time I get to see them is during the holidays. Planning and trying to fit everyone in is a challenge because there are assignments that must be dealt with alongside what we are going to do etc. However, amongst all the trouble I got to surprise one of my closest friends at the train station to eventually have a chill day with a movie and food with her. I also got to spend time with my best friend with a McDonald’s catch-up, considering he is in Falmouth for university, it was great seeing him for the first time since January. The main catch-up I was really looking forward to was spending quality time with my mum. We went to my favourite Indian restaurant and ordered our usual, where we spent some quality mother and daughter time. Since I have been away from home for 2 months, it was nice to walk down the high street while having some laughs with my mum being by my side. Nothing feels better than being back in London with her.


Alongside catch ups and spending quality time with friends and family, I got to have some β€˜me time’ back home. Whether this be watching some Netflix or going to work, as I have a part time job, it has helped clear the stress that I have had while being at university. With luck from the Easter break, I can take on final semester with a bang!