My Summer

As the summer holidays are ending, I thought it would be good to look back on these past 3 months and give a round up on what I have been up to.


As I have finished my 1st year at Plymouth I was eager to get into starting my summer, I signed out of my accommodation and was ready to begin. I went to France for a week, and there I spent some time with family down in the south as well as Paris. It was lovely to see how grown my little cousins were and going back to Paris is always a blast. As I have been to Paris many times during the day, it was nice to experience it during the night. I would highly recommend having a look through the city during the day but also at night - everything is a lot more vibrant and the reflection of the night sky in the River Seine is highlighted a lot more by the lights of the city, (hence the saying “city of lights”). Alongside France, I had a close friend from university come down to London so after thinking of a route I ended up taking him around Canary Wharf, and cycling around with the “Boris” bikes were a blast!



This month was exciting! I had some family friends from Las Vegas come over to London to visit for 10 days. Within this time, I got to take them around London to different places such as Madame Tussauds, Greenwich Market, Chinatown and Crossrail Place (a roof garden in Canary Wharf). Alongside this, I went to Paris for a second time within the space of less than a month! We visited the normal touristy places in London such as Big Ben, London Eye, London Aquarium, Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Overall, spending time with my family friends was sweet - I got to hear some of their views on politics and learn what their economy is like over there. Later during the month, I was lucky enough to see my cousin graduate with a first class at University of Liverpool, which made me so proud of her!



This month was a lot more relaxing than I thought it would be. I got a summer job where I got to work in different places, such as Ascot and the V&A. Apart from some church events and meeting up with friends, my cousin turned the big 5 years old - I was the photographer for the day and got to play on the bouncy castle, which was fun! The highlight for me this month would be that one of my friends from university came down from Bath to London for the day, so I got to be a little tourist guide and show her and her sister around. We again went around the tourist areas of London such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and Covent Garden – they never get old. We ended the day in Harrods, having a look around in each room and that was fun! Whilst sitting in a Café Nero to rest our feet from walking all day, Jake Wood - who plays Max Branning from EastEnders - sat down next to us with his family. The whole day was fantastic, and getting a sneaky picture with my friend being a fan topped it off - it made her day!



This month hasn’t arrived yet but I am excited to go back to university and see all my friends again. I’m looking forward to moving into a flat with my close friends, as well as going to the Fresher’s events