Looking back at my first year

With first year being well and truly over, I have found that it has been a rollercoaster of a ride, which I would like to share.

Over the course of first year, I have found that making friends during freshers was a blast. Everyone is willing to talk to you and have a good time, but me being me I did find it slightly hard to make friends. However as I ‘got out there’ it was a lot easier. Alongside this, as there are not many people on my course, making friends and bonding with people was quite hard, so I had to give it time and now being the end of my course for the academic year, I have made a considerable number of friends.

Looking back at my course, I would say that it was quite flexible. I only had to come into class 3 times during the week, as timetabled, and have only had one 9am for the whole year. Comparing this to some of my friend’s courses, whose sounded a lot more intense than mine overall. Doing an art’s course can be challenging as you are learning new skills all the time, like any other course. Each module is rather different from the other, from coding to incorporating technology with clothing, to designing a poster and producing a video essay. Even though the course had a bit of free time during the week, there are expectations of independent work to be done for the deadline and maybe even demonstrate it. Obviously with such a small class the tutors can help, but in terms of software, for example Premiere Pro, a software I had never used before, was something I had to learn how to use for my module. It helps you get out of your comfort zone, look for inspiration and take control of what you want.

Alongside all of this, being in a completely different city has encouraged me to explore a lot more. With my knowledge of exploring London, of how to get around and how I could get back if I got lost; I did the same in Plymouth with some friends here and there, and I really enjoyed it. It gave me a lot of good photo opportunities as well as good spots to hang out with some friends, especially when the weather got a lot better nearer the end of the year.

Overall, I would give some advice:

  • Take the time to make a good group of friends in freshers: You never know if they could be your friends for life and even though you might think it would take some time to become close with them - LET IT TAKE TIME, it’s not bad at all.
  • Consider reading into problems which affect young people: I wish I was a lot more aware of mental health with young people before coming to university, and I know a few people wish they were aware of it too. If you do come across any problems, make sure you can talk to someone - it helps A LOT!
  • Look in depth into your course, especially the specification: With a course like mine, looking over the specification for the module is crucial to get them top end marks. Depending on your course, things might be different but remember, every mark counts.
  • Don’t forget to take a breather: Like I said in my last post, revision or coursework might be too much for anyone in exam period. Look for different places around the city to relax and chill out in a while. Going to cafes, having a movie night with friends or even just playing a game of pool with a pint might help you relieve stress