Time out in London

The Easter break was upon us and the was sun shining, so my cousin and I decided to spend some quality time together. We set off to have a day out in London, hoping to find new and exciting places to discover.

Having explored London many times before on foot, we decided to try something different and use the ‘Boris bikes’ to get around. We met at Stratford City Westfield, where we got some food before we started off on our journey towards the Olympic Park near the Aquatics Centre, where we got our bikes for the day.

We started to ride through the park and stopped here and there to take pictures. This was a stress free day where we could both relax, enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. On our travels, we came across some cool graffiti by a canal which runs through and past Victoria Park, so we decided to ride around there for a while.

Eventually we came out of Victoria Park and onto the roads of London, cycling past Bethnal Green and towards Shoreditch. After being on the bikes for most of the day, we decided to stretch our legs, dropping the bikes down and continuing on foot. We took a lovely stroll through Boxpark, then down towards Liverpool Street, where we picked up the bikes again and headed to our final destination of St Paul’s Cathedral.

On our way towards to St Pauls, my cousin pointed out a quaint French Bakery where we stopped off to have a much needed bite to eat. Once we arrived at St Pauls, we decided to go to the Tate Art Gallery. It was really interesting walking round taking in all the various art on display, as well as giving our legs a well-earned break from cycling!

Overall I found our day out in London to be really relaxing, clearing my mind of home or uni thoughts and just enjoying the day. I highly recommend taking some time out to have a day like this, to distress about work and just enjoy the environment around you.