Deadline Chill Spot - Prime Café

Since my first year at university is ending, I have found that I have been spending a lot of time outside my halls to get my coursework done on time. I have realised that a change of atmosphere can help me to see things in a different perspective, this therefore helps with creating original and clean content. My final assignment, I had to produce a video essay with my chosen theme and media format. By being in my room all day with this assignment I found it hard to produce content which is original and relevant to my theme.

Being in Prime, I have been able to think clearly and come up with content that sticks to the theme that I am working on. Being surrounded by different people (who are not only students) as well as being served really good food and drinks in any weather by friendly staff can help lighten up your mood and chill out in any deadline season to get work done either by yourself or with friends.

For any student, personally I found that Prime is a small but exquisite café which should be experienced by everyone. Even if it's for a chat, group projects, dog petting, study break chilling; everyone should visit Prime.

Here it is on Google Maps if anyone wants to grab a chai latte: