Halls of Residence Life

Being a first year, I am finding halls of residence such an exciting experience with my University life overall! Meeting new people in halls has helped me to be social towards different kinds of people as well introduced me to the atmosphere of what university is like.


When I first applied to accommodation, I made sure to look at the plan of each hall. If there were an en-suite, what the layout of the halls would look like, how people would share a kitchen, how close it is to campus and so on. I found that whatever I needed to know was on the homepage of the university website, and that was very useful, so I would totally check it out if I were you! On top of all that, I looked at what I would be able to afford, in terms of paying the rent on time. Luckily, the residence life team are always there to help, and so in certain circumstances if you were not able to pay the rent on time, they would give you an extension to pay it, which I found very helpful in one situation of mine.


What I also found so useful was the fact that the residence life team would always keep me updated about what would be happening with my application, and overall it made the whole experience of being accepted so exciting! I was always looking forward to the next email, and even talking on the phone to them about my application for halls was ecstatic.

Staying in halls now is an experience for people I think everyone should have. The starting process of getting your room via email then letting people know on the group page so that you can meet your flat mates online then in person is great! I found that fresher’s week in halls was so much fun, mainly because I got to meet so many different people, not only from my halls, but from all the other halls nearby.

Overall, I would highly suggest that anyone should stay in halls, even though you might have to share a bathroom, toilet, and kitchen, it is an experience I think anyone should live through. The first year of university should be easing you out of college or wherever you are coming from and into an atmosphere where you can easily socialise with people around your age, with me it’s just lounging around and watching YouTube videos with my friends; however, whatever it maybe you would want to have as much as a good time.

Get your research thoroughly done. Read other people’s experiences to get a clear idea. Double check your choices. Make your deposit on time. Don’t forget moving in day!