❄️ University in December ❄️

Looking back at this month, I found that this month was quite eventful at university. With the festivities coming up, everyone was in the Christmas spirit. As much as I love Christmas, I found that it does get a bit boring in my household, though I wouldn’t let that be the reason for me to not be in the spirit.

Here is a quick overview of the month:

Winter Ball:

My partner asked me to go to the winter ball with him as his date and that night was amazing. With the venue being at The Orangery, everyone who were going got onto a ferry which would take us there. We got welcome drinks followed by a 3-course meal, where we got to pull some Christmas crackers open, then some dancing on the dance floor with a DJ and a photo booth. What I loved about the night was the setting. Everything was set up so beautifully, and I loved the aesthetic. As everyone knew each other, and I wasn’t on the course, it was kind of hard talking to people but at the end of the night I made a few friends.


My Birthday:

I turned the big 20 this month, and have a great time celebrating my birthday with my partner and friends. On my actual birthday I got surprised with birthday celebrations from my flat mates, in my flat. Later in the evening, my partner took me out to dinner, followed by a movie back at mine. The next day I celebrated my birthday with my friends by going bowling. There was a lot of competitive playing, with some food and drinks to break the sweat. Overall, I feel grateful for the friends and partner that I have, with my birthday being at the start of the month, everyone made it special.



For first year, I always used to visit Prime Café on Edbrington Street. This year I wanted to diversify to the cafes I went to, where I would be able to experience a different atmosphere. In September I went to “The Flower Café”. I found the atmosphere to be cute, decorated in light colours with the staff and atmosphere being welcoming. Their menu is out of the ordinary with their special milkshakes and hot chocolates which would be decorated with whipped cream and marshmallows according to what you order. I got the Mermaid milkshake which was amazing! A vanilla floured shake topped with whipped cream, bubble-gum sauce, marshmallows and mermaid sprinkles. I would totally recommend going to this café, alongside a café which I went to earlier this month, “Art Frame Gallery Café”.  I found this setting to be a lot more quieter and calming. As you are surrounded by art, the will to get on with my work was amazing. I had a lot of motivation with a vanilla milkshake by my side. You can get food made by the staff in this café, alongside normal hot and cold drinks. There was a lot of art everywhere, with more being upstairs which was lovely to admire.