Winter break

Being back in London for the holidays was quite exciting. Even though my love for Plymouth has grown over the last 3 months, my love for London has also grown a lot more; you don’t really appreciate the place that you have grown up in your whole life until you are away from it a long time. The sweet smell of my parents cooking, waking up late and not worrying about going to lectures or a practical’s was awesome!

Over the holiday period I made sure that I could spend quality time with my family and friends, who I haven’t seen in 3 months. Visiting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park was a highlight for me. Being my first time and going there with my cousin made it even more special, because I got to have a good catch up with her, with both of us studying at university, we don’t get to see each other as we should.


Spending the evening in the city was amazing, seeing the beautiful Christmas lights in Marble Arch was spectacular and going on the rides and looking around the Christmas Market in Winter Wonderland was sweet too. I found it to be an adventurous day, going into the city, experiencing the thrill of being in Winter Wonderland (which I would highly recommend to anyone) and walking the streets of London with the lights glimmering on a cold winters evening is a sight for anyone during this holiday period.

Alongside Winter Wonderland, I found the excitement of spending time with my friend’s time worthwhile. Watching movies and falling asleep to music felt like the old times, like nothing between anyone of us was missed; even though it felt like 5 years that I haven’t seen them.

Overall I found being at home quite calm and chill over the holiday period. With something to do every day, the holiday period really brought everyone together again.