Applicant Days & Open Days

I found that after the UCAS process, Applicant and Open Days were very useful to see how the university and the surrounding area is like. It was such a useful day because when I started university in September I found that I recognised the area a lot better after visiting. With my 5 choices, I made the effort to go and visit the universities of which I would chose to wish and study at.


When I came to Plymouth University, I found it a great experience compared to the other universities that I had visited. Everyone was friendly and I enjoyed talking to the current students there. Coming to Plymouth University not only for an Applicant Day but also for an interview made everything else so much more interesting as coincidently I had a tour guide who was a 2nd year student doing the course I applied for, so getting an insight to what the course is like directly from a student who had already been through first year and what the student life is like at Plymouth was a revelation.


There were a lot of talks and events which were happening throughout the day, such as a food tent and lectures about various topics which students and parents may be concerned about such as accommodation, student life and the university itself. There were also tours of the campus, library, and student union which I found very useful as I found it memorable when I started university. When it came to my interview, I found the tutors and students who teach and study the subject very polite and willing to ask any questions about the course as well as what I was studying at the time including my personal interests and anything else in general like music tastes.

Overall I would totally recommend going to an Applicant or Open Day, not just to explore the university and what is it like, but also the city. Familiarising yourself with a city is important, especially if you would be staying there for the next few years. Knowing your way around and the atmosphere of the place would totally impact your life even more so if you like the university and the interactions you get from the students and tutors there.