One of my most Memorable Christmases

We are at that time of the year again where the festive season brings everyone together, the decorations come up, the weather becomes colder and the drinks start to get warmer. I love this season because there is a lot of festivities around, and having the snuggle movie nights in can round up a long day of work. Overall I love spending time with family over Christmas, and it would be amazing to see my friends from London to catch up and do something special with them.

One of the most memorable Christmases that I’ve had was back in 2014, when I went to spend Christmas with family in Paris. With my parents working over the Christmas period, going to Paris with my brother was a good idea as I got to see how my family there spend Christmas in comparison to how we spend Christmas here. Spending quality family time on Christmas Eve with my auntie’s cats, my cousins and other family members that I haven’t seen in a while and going to church to see how everything differs from London was amazing. The culture, decorations, food, and atmosphere was beautiful, in such an elegant country.

Along with seeing how Christmas was like there, we got to go to Disneyland and see the spectacular fireworks and got to spend time with my younger cousins, who were ecstatic about Disney and what it can offer, around the Christmas period. As well as this, going into the city on a night ride to see the Eiffel Tower was magnificent. I would advise anyone to take a ride into the Paris at night because everything is just highlighted so much better, the night sky, bright lights, and glittering water. The river lighted by the street lights, the Eiffel Tower glimmering at midnight while you cruise down the road towards the Arc de Triomphe was such a sight. The whole journey itself was such a spectacular experience, that I would never forget.

After that experience of Christmas in Paris, I have started to appreciate the festivities which occur in London, with family and friends around me.