Settling in to my course

It has been a good first term since moving to Plymouth and everything is quite calm here… I like it.

Reflecting back to the first few weeks of being in university, I didn’t find it hard to fit in and make a good group of friends where we can go out as well as have movie nights in. I find everyone quite relaxing whether it be in my halls of residence or out in the university itself, everyone is willing to help you out if you are lost around campus or need directions to the closest Subway.

Looking back at my course I found that it was quite enjoyable. Creating something new within a group or by myself excites me, I’m learning something new which I would be able to add onto my portfolio and show others what I have done during the tutorials we had.

A few weeks ago, we started to play around the theme of data bending. This means that we got to create weird and interesting images with our own pictures by changing the coding of it. What I loved about this is the fact that we got to play around with the coding, something I know nothing about but have an interest in. With data bending, we also got to do circuit bending. Our class consisted of going into town to a charity shop to find a children’s toy that makes noise, and bring it back in so that we would be able to play around with the circuits to create weird noises from them. An adventure around town with the bonus of playing around with wires (in a safe environment) was quite fun.

Looking back at what I’ve done in my spare time other than my course is quite diverse. The movie nights I have with my friends are as much as enjoyable as the nights out in town. I find that by varying what I do outside my course helps me to become independent because of the self-confidence I have in knowing what I like and not changing myself for anyone else. I feel that is an important thing. Being comfortable knowing who you are and not changing yourself for anyone else, especially while being here it has helped to express my opinions more with the people around me and them accepting me for who I am, means a lot.