๐ŸŽ“My Graduation๐ŸŽ“

In the past two years of my postgraduate study, there were many ups and downs. Not only I was pushed to the limited academically, the challenge of maintaining a work life balance was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. But each time I thought I couldnโ€™t carry on; I found the motivation by imagining myself on the stage graduating with my friends. This day has come, my graduation is here for me to celebrate the end of this wonderful chapter.


As I arrived to pick up my grown, I was reunited with the familiar faces of the academics who spend recentness amount of time helping me with my assignments. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication in teaching me how theory can be applied in practice, showing me the kind of Occupational Therapist that I can become. Through this course, I have also made some beautiful friendship that I love and adore. My friends, continuously showing me the kindness and encouragement that I much needed and it is my privilege to graduating with you today. After a brief catch up, we were called to take our seats and the ceremony begins.


As each graduate was called to the collect their certificate, you could hear the cheering and whooping off the roof! When it was my turn, I ran across the stage with my hands waving up in the air as I could not hold my excitement. If you have seen โ€˜Friendsโ€™ before, just imagine me running like Phoebe Buffay! Once the ceremony was brought to the close, all academics form a guard of honour for the graduates. Knowing that I have done everyone that was part of my journey proud, I walked through it with pride and joy.


Two years ago, I was asked โ€œWhat do I hope to gain from my postgraduate study in Occupational Therapy?โ€, I said โ€œa learning experience that I will never forget!โ€ I surely did. All the assignments and interactive lectures enabled me to develop the core skills as an Occupational Therapist with a critical mind. The group activities with my fellow course mates and placement opportunities helped me to channel my passion in being an advocate for those in needs. Of course, how can I not mention the enjoyment in completing my research was unlike anything that I have ever experienced. Who would have though research in Occupational Science can be linked to the experience of the Harry Potter fandom! All of these feelings werenโ€™t obvious to me at the time, but looking back, I am so grateful of them and love every moment of it. 


As a newly qualified Occupational Therapist, I have still got a lot of learning so I can develop and progress to the next stage of my career. This path that I have chosen certainly required a substantial investment of time and finance, nonetheless, I would have made the same decision over and over again. Because this is one of the best things I have ever done in my life, one that I would always look back with a smile.


Final note: I was not born as an Occupational Therapist, but I have evolved to be one at the University of Plymouth.