🌞 Easter Vacation 🌞

After months of hard work in the library, the Easter break finally arrived and I did not realise how much I needed the break. I thought about going on a mini holiday abroad, but the hard fact sinks in, money is a bit tight at the moment. But fortunately, my friend and her fiancΓ© invited me to spend some time in Cornwall, in their hometown Newquay. Without a second thought, I said yes with excitement! Because I’d been there before, I had the memories of my first ever surf lesson and the best steak sandwich I’ve ever eaten from a few years ago! It is one of the many reason why I love living in Plymouth, having this much access to Cornwall and other beaufitul places in Devon.


I set off in the afternoon after lunch, and arrived down in Newquay with plenty of the day left to do stuff with my friends. The drive was very smooth and I put on my favourite music playlist on Spotify (there is no way I am telling you what music I have on that playlist, just in case you judge me!).

After I arrived, we went for a walk with two very lovely and friendly dogs, Max and Scooby, along the beach. Of course, once they smelt the sea, they were very keen to get out and run around and chase each other! The walk itself was fantastic, I got to see the beautiful coastline of Cornwall, hear the ocean waves and feel the wind blowing my face. It was an amazing feeling and it made me really appreciate the beauty of the place in the world that we choose to study.


After that, we went home to give Max and Scooby a quick shower. For some reason, they kept making a run for all the rock pools on the beach and just diving straight in! Following this, we sat down for a cup of tea with some brownies that I made. In the evenings, we went to one of my favourite restaurants by the beach. Nachos on a pizza?! Who would have thought of that?! The evenings were awesome, with good food and lovely company alongside a beautiful sunset.  

The next day, we decided to go to a spin class at one of the local gyms. The instructor was very good but I have to say I really couldn’t feel my legs afterwards. In the afternoon, we went for another walk (somehow!) with the dogs and ended up in a very nice cafΓ© for a cream tea. Here is the thing, the correct order is β€˜Jam on first!’, and anything else is a lie!


As you can see, the things that I did in Newquay were very simple, nothing excessive or too expensive to say the least. Nonetheless, I really did feel like I was on holiday and managed to let go of all the worries that I had. Every now and then, as human beings, we all need to be connected to whatever is meaningful to us. For me, the sound of nature and the time with my friends fill me with joy and pleasure. I am a firm believer that a place is only as good as the people in it, which is why I am so grateful with the wonderful friendships that I have made while studying around Plymouth.