🎭 A Special Gathering 🎭

When I first came to the University of Plymouth back in 2008, I knew I want to be part of something fun. So, I joined a student led society call the Musical Theatre Group (aka MTG) because of my interest in musicals and music in general. Little did I know that this would be one of the best decisions I ever made. Throughout the years, we did a number of shows together, including Greece, Sweeny Todd, The Wedding Singer and Jekyll & Hyde. In order to deliver a well organised production, the whole society would be taking part in fund raising activities, a number of rehearsals, a complete two week stage set up and selling tickets throughout the year. Though this sounds like a lot of work, we never complained how much we had to do to – even during the annoying part where we all had to rearrange the tables and chairs in the main hall every night of the show week! (This might be a lie, but we always denied it πŸ˜„) 


It was an amazing experience to be part of the society, and I was sad to leave this wonderful group of people when I completed my undergraduate degree. As we all know, good things often come to an end at some point. But thanks to some wonderful friends that I made through the society, we are able to redefine the odds. No matter how busy our lives are or where we are, we all come back to this special city for the annual MTG gathering. We would go to Nandos for our pre-show dinner and then head back to the main campus to watch the end of year show, produced by the MTG and its members! Of course, this is usually followed by a good night out in Plymouth.


This year’s show is the β€˜Beauty and the Beast’, directed by Sam Pomery, a fellow postgraduate student who is studying MA Performance training at the University. I was very much blown away by the standards of the production, from the stage sets, the actors and actress’ performance, dance choreography and the list can go on! Needless the say, the song β€˜Be our guest’ was stuck in head pretty much ever since! (I am sorry if I have done that to you πŸ˜›)

The day after our big reunion, we all met up one last time to have breakfast together and to head to our favourite spot outside the Main Hall for a group photo. Serious faces, cheesy poses and jazz hands were all part of the fun! Of course, we had to say goodbye to each other and go our separate ways. But knowing that this gathering has become a regular thing is great - it’s part of the MTG tradition! It encourages me to look forward to the next shows, this time, next year!



The friends that you make at the University are not just for a period of time, often they are for life. I might not speak to them all the time, but it surprises me that when we do speak, it’s almost as if we hadn’t ever been apart.

Saying goodbye was never easy for me, but we always leave the following words before we go: Until next time!