Boardmasters 2015

The highlight of my summer was going to Boardmasters 2015 in Cornwall where Rudimental, Bastille and Faithless headlined. I’ve never listened to so much EDM (Electronic dance Music) in one weekend and spent so much money on pints.

Originating in the 80s, Boardmasters is the festival to go to if you want a more low key, surf orientated festival. I stayed from Thursday to Monday morning, and managed to pick a campsite that was a massive trek from the arena (although waking up to the voice of a cockney Danny Dyer sound a like every morning was absolutely hilarious and made it worth it.) The whole place was really laid back and everyone and their dog was adorned in neon paint, glitter and henna.

In my humble opinion, Clean Bandit was one of the best performances and definitely my favourite, and I also discovered a few new bands to add to the list.

To round off my weekend, I went to the final night after party in Newquay where Wilkinson played and ultimately carried on into the very wee hours of the morning, until I had to stop so that we could have a sit down and then pack the tent up to be out of the campsite. By this time, I hadn’t slept for 2 days so was a bit worse for wear however it was an experience and to be fair if you’re not doing it that way, you’re doing it wrong.

So all in all I got to spend a weekend of constant partying with my friends, met some really cool people, watched some surf, and actually managed to get a tan! Fellow blonde pale people will know my struggle.

But my ultimate advice for going to a festival besides don’t look down (any festival veteran will know what this means) is to not worry about what anyone else thinks of you, make sure you see the bands you want to see even if some of your group has to split off, and just enjoy it instead of worrying about taking photos because I can guarantee one of your mates will take hundreds, leaving you free to party. At least that’s what happened in my case!