How to make your student house a home

When I moved into my student house last year, it was really exciting to be living in a big house with high ceilings after living in halls for my first year. But while it was great to have a big house, the walls were bare and it didn’t feel homey at all. One year on and I’ve turned my student house into a home by finding cosy things to fill it with!

Having a TV in your room is really nice, not just for watching but to have something to put on as background noise so that your room doesn’t feel too quiet or lonely when you’re in there. The same goes for music, but having a programme on makes much more difference.

I tend to keep a few things like plants, crystals and candles in my room and on my windowsill because they give a bit more character to my boring plain white room and detract the bareness from it.

Posters and wall hangings are a given, but they still deserve a mention in this blog post. Having fabric wall-hangings especially make the room feel a bit comfier, cosy and warm if you don’t mind the cliché of mandala wall tapestries. They also quickly cover up bare walls and hide anything unsightly.

It might sound a bit pointless, but bringing my own chair instead of using the one provided makes a big difference to how homely your room feels. As well as this, bringing a few lamps is so much better than having a dim, orange light in your room like mine did-It meant I could actually do my work in the evenings without being in near darkness.

Throws keep it cosy, especially when your landlord has set the radiators to a timer. At my house I have a bunch on my bed, and we always keep some in the front room when were all in there together watching films.

All of this is really easy to do on a little budget-just see what you have in your room at home. If your room at home is as bare as your uni room, just visit some charity shops, cheap furniture stores or take a trip to Primark where chances are you’ll find everything you need to make your house a home.