What you need to take with you to university.

When I found out that I got accepted onto my course at Plymouth University I was really excited but also had no clue about living in halls with a bunch of strangers who later become great friends, and no idea where to start.

Having the right things with you when you settle into university really makes you feel a little more prepared and able to handle yourself in a situation where everything is new-especially when you have some home comforts! After learning from experience, I’ve found what things to take that are absolute lifesavers and stuff that has been sat under my bed never to see the light of day because I just didn’t need it. So here is my ultimate list of not so obvious useful things to take to university!

  • Your warmest blankets, hoodies and pajamas- I’ve woken up many a winters night wishing I had more than shorts and t-shirts to wear.
  • A bottle opener key ring-Because you’ll be the guy that always saves the day, that’s why.
  • Clothes horse- save yourself £2 each time you would of used the communal tumble dryers!
  • Screwdriver-Because I had to go a whole year with a cupboard door that kept falling off.
  •  Marker pen for white tee socials.  
  • Obscure onesie- don’t know what to go as for fancy dress? Wear your animal onesie. Can’t be bothered to get dressed just to go to the corner shop? Wear you animal onesie. Watch a whole TV series on Netflix instead of actually doing work? You get the point.

And that’s my list of things that came in extremely handy during first year in halls. You could probably add a whole lot more to that, but I’m going to let you learn the rest from experience.