Looking back: My first week of university

My very first week of being a first year at uni was pretty nerve racking, but I soon settled in. I enrolled online before I started my course, and once I had moved my stuff into my halls, said goodbye to my parents and met my housemates it felt really weird to be living in an unfamiliar place not really knowing anybody, wondering what to do next. However, I got on with the people in my flat and others from my halls and soon made friends.

One thing I remember doing during the first week of university was being led to the Hoe with everybody else living in Robbins by the RA’s as a way of getting to know everyone. Me and my flat got someone to take a photo of us on the big anchor just down from the Hoe, and I’m going to make sure we go back at the end of this year and recreate the same photo as kind of a keepsake from my time at Plymouth.

Of course I did a lot of partying, mainly going to a couple of the nights put on by the SU, and exploring all of the restaurants and bars close to my halls and campus. Places like The Caffeine Club and Fresher & Professor became our go to place, as well as Cuba! at the end of the night. I distinctly remember getting really bad fresher’s flu thanks to partying 7 days in a row and getting little sleep!

Cooking wasn’t my main priority during fresher’s week, so the free evening meals at the chaplaincy on campus saved my life. It was really nice to sit down with my flat and eat a decent, hearty meal all together where the atmosphere was so welcoming and exciting. It became something that we decided to do in our second year as well, and we’ll all probably go there this year as well- I would definitely recommend it.

Other than that, I spent my first week at uni exploring the city and campus, as well as attending the fresher’s fayre and just getting to know the various events and things that go on for students. I had the best week and strongly advise you to embrace your first week and do as much as possible!