Cost cutting tips for university students!

Financing university can be hard. I mean REAL hard. Yeah you get a maintenance loan and possible a grant which is great-but what happens if, like with me, it only covers your rent, leaving you with a tenner a week? Well fear not, my mum taught me to be savvy when it comes to cutting corners and now I’m going to pass this much needed knowledge onto you!

Tip number 1: Beg your mum to buy you a slow cooker

Explain to her that a slow cooker (you can pick them up for around £30) is an investment in your education. Well, the enabler of your education anyway. Go down to Aldi and grab a few veggies or anything cheap that you can make a lot out of, bung it in a slow cooker, and just keep making weeks’ worth of meals to freeze and thaw out when needed. This saves time as well as money-without this slow cooker you wouldn’t be able to eat, and would therefore have to drop out of uni, right? That or end up being the reason why your housemates cans of beans have been disappearing in the night.

Tip number 2: Thrift clothes

If you desperately need new clothes, just thrift them. And when I say need, I don’t mean the I-saw-this-cute-shirt-that-I-NEED kind of need. If your jeans decided to split straight down the crotch, or you need a raincoat for the English weather, charity shops and eBay are your best friend. You may not like walking in another man’s shoes, but needs must.

Tip number 3: Use the library that you haven’t set foot in since starting your degree

It’s there for a reason people: To save you from spending ridiculous amounts on books that you’ll need for half a year by lending you them! I’ve not once bought a book since starting uni, because the library has had it every time. While you’re in there you should probably do some work actually…

Tip number 4: Leave your bank card at home so that you’re not tempted to spend it on things life coffee and expensive sandwiches between lectures on campus. This is a really bad habit of mine, especially because my favourite coffee shop is on campus.

If all of that fails, becoming a student ambassador for the uni is a great way to earn a little extra money AND build up your CV -just be sure to get in there fast because places fill up quick!