Download Festival!


Download festival marks the start of my summer this year which I was majorly excited about. I got to spend the first two days camping with my friends while it was boiling hot and then run around the main arena for the next three days watching bands, having a few drinks, and buying loads of band merch. The arena is huge with so much going on that it’s difficult to be bored in between band sets-unless you’re waiting right at the front of the stage for the next band to come on so you can be as close as possible that is. Despite this, I managed to get pretty close to the bands I wanted to see including the headliners.

 But it’s not always the music that makes a festival, it’s the people you go with and the atmosphere that they create. The fact that there was around 25 of us in our group made it so much more enjoyable compared to being in a group of only a few people-it meant that there was always someone to watch the bands with that I wanted to see when everyone else wanted to do something else, it was always a laugh at the camp, and I never got lost from people.

Despite the rain, mud and horrendous blisters my wellies gave me, I had a really great time with my friends watching some bands that I’ve always wanted to see as well as discovering some new ones. Now I can’t wait for what exciting thing that’s coming next this summer!