Getting excited for summer

My second year of university is nearly over and with a month and a half to go before I finish for summer, I’m getting really excited for what I’ve got to look forward to. First of all I'll be doing quite a bit of volunteering at primary and forest schools over the summer (I had to use some summer time to benefit my degree and take advantage of the spare time). I'll also be going to Download and Reading festival, it's my birthday in June (yay!) and hopefully I'll be spending lots of time on the beach!

But as well as all that I'll be reluctantly studying my maths and English skills so that I might have a tiny chance of passing my Professional Skills Test. I’m not good at maths and have heard quite a few horror stories about the difficulty level of the tests. On top of that, Ill be sorting out my application and writing my personal statement for my teacher training postgraduate course that I want to do, which feels really weird-time goes so quick!

But while I’m really excited for Summer this year, I know I'll miss my friends from university as well as my big room and a city which has become my second home. Visits during the summer will definitely have to be in order, and then I’ve only got a year left until I’ve finished my undergraduate degree. Scary!