Why I went to an Open Day and an Applicant Day

Applicant and open days are so useful when you start looking into what university you want to study at. For me, going to an open day was the first step of finding more about Plymouth, my course and the facilities here at the uni, all of which was positive because I was already imagining what it would be like to live here.

Booking and attending my applicant day was even more useful because it gave me a really in depth understanding of everything that I got a taste of during the Open Day I attended as well as other aspects of Plymouth university that I had yet to learn about. You’ll be offered a tour of the campus and the surrounding area of the university, as well as some of the accommodation for 1st year students, and go to subject specific talks so that you have a complete understanding of what your course entails.

But aside from this, open days and applicant days give you the chance to talk to students and staff about what its really like at the University you're thinking of studying at and ask any questions you might have which really helps you to get a feel of the atmosphere at the uni.

If none of that tempts you, then maybe the great spread of food that Plymouth University put on for applicants will!