Beginning summer in Berlin

The first month of this summer was a big one for me, because I happened to be visiting Berlin, where half of my family is from. Having never gone there before, I found it so different: The people, the culture, the scenery, everything. The streets were so clean there, people were a lot more laid back and friendly, and the amount of cyclists would seem really strange to you and me.

It’s just a shame that I couldn't stay for longer, because there was so much to do that couldn't be fitted into just a week.

I got to do the usual tourist attractions like visit the Brandenburg Gate (which happened to be hosting the festival for the European Champions League final happening at the Olympiastadion in Berlin), the Reichstag building, and seeing what’s left of the Berlin wall with all of its graffiti. But what made this trip even more special was the gig that I went to halfway through the trip.

Now when you think about hugely famous bands from the 70’s and 80’s, you usually expect live shows from them to be very hard to come by now and that’s why when I saw KISS play the 02 world, it was such an awesome experience. How many people my age can say that they've seen kiss play live, or even know who they are right off the bat?

By visiting here, I’ve gotten the chance to do things I’ve never done before, and on the last night of being in Berlin, I found myself partying in the street at the Brandenburg gate with hundreds of Barcelona football fans drinking and celebrating all night. I don’t even like football but they didn't need to know that, and on this night I was a Barcelona fan just for the atmosphere of a party that id probably never get to go to again.

I ate food like a German, I drank like a German, tried to talk (unsuccessfully) like a German, and it all made up to a brilliant experience.

Not to mention it was a heat wave over there so I could to wear sandals and shorts the entire time, and could use the heat as an excuse to have a beer whenever I wanted.  Not that you need an excuse over there of course.

Suffice to say I think that despite not having enough time to do everything and not being able to speak the language that well, I look forward to coming back again to where that part of me is from.