My path to university

I had a lot of tough questions when it came to choosing the university path. In fact, it was these questions that put me off of going for 2 years and getting a full time job instead. I felt like I would never be ready and that uni just wasn’t my sort of scene. Whether or not I would make many friends was my biggest worry.

The answer is, of course you will.  Its impossible not to, and it doesn't make sense to think that you wont make similar connections to people like the ones you made at home.

Living in halls was a breeze because I got put in a flat with the best combination of people that I could have asked for, and they are some of my closest friends here at Plymouth. But even if we didn't all automatically click like people say will happen, the sheer amount of like minded people on your course, in societies and in the surrounding halls around you will make up for that. It’s easy to think that you can hide in your room all year, but there’s no fun in that and to be honest it’s really hard to when there’s so much going on and somebody somewhere will be up for a few pints and a game of pool.

The best advice I can give to anybody considering studying here that is worried about the social side of it, is just to try not to worry about whether you’ll make friends, if you make a good impression, or if half the time you’ll be embarrassing yourself in front of your mates (which I have done my fair share of), because as long as your course and the university feels right the rest will flow and come together. Now I’ve got a house sorted for next year with some great people, and have met so many friends on my course and societies (and a few drinking buddies). All I can say now is that after loads of hard work, some great stories to tell people back home, and too many games of ring of fire to count, I have survived what was a memorable and exciting first year, and am so ready for the next few that are ahead of me.