Student takeover

Recently I was given the opportunity to get involved with the Plym Uni Apply social media student takeover and the #chatwithplym event. For the student takeover I got to take control of the universities twitter, instagram and vine accounts for the day where I got to document everything I did from lectures and having coffee with friends, to cooking and going to the gym. It was actually really good fun to show people what I do day to day, and what student life is like here at the university.

For the #chatwithplym event, I got to answer questions on twitter from people thinking about studying at Plymouth University. This was pretty fun for me and I got free tea and doughnuts as well so even better! Giving my own perspective of aspects of university life and what made me choose my course was great and made me feel like I was giving real and honest advice from the perspective of someone who has been through it all before. I love to get opportunities like this and said to myself at the start of university that I would try my best to take every chance I could to do something outside of my course and have new experiences. Hopefully the student takeover has shown people what university life in Plymouth is like, and why I find it such a great place to study.