Why did I choose my course?

People decide to go to university for different reasons-some go because of family values, and some go purely for the enjoyment of studying a subject that they’re really passionate about. But if you’re like me, you decided to go to university to train for a particular career area.

I chose the BA Education Studies course at Plymouth University because I knew that I wanted a career somewhere within the realms of education. At the time of choosing my course, I was adamant that I was going to be a primary school teacher and so thought my course was perfect-it was varied and covered a wide range of topics, involved hands on experience in a workplace of my choosing, and sounded like it would suite me down to a T.

I also picked it because I knew that at the end of it, I’d have a lot more scope with what career I could go into than if I chose a BEd course, which was my original idea. Lucky for me, that was definitely a good choice because the things I’ve been studying on my course have sparked an interest in other areas of education and working with young people.

Nearly a year and a half into my three years at university, I’ve met some great people and made close friends with people on my course. I have gotten to study topics and gain experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have and think that studying education studies will be a good foundation for studying on a PGCE course to become a qualified teacher.

If there’s any advice I could give anybody about choosing a university level course, its think long and carefully, and make sure you know you’ll want to be doing the same thing at the end of those three years.