A day in the life of me

On a typical day, my alarm rudely awakes me at 7am, at which point I stay in bed for as long as I possibly can without sacrificing looking human for my 9am lecture.

Then once I’ve dragged myself out I put on some music, have breakfast and get ready for my day.  I was constantly forgetting things in my first year like pens and books so now I always have to triple check that I have everything I need before I leave.

My lectures usually last 1-3 hours depending on what I have on the day, and a lot of the time consist of group work which I enjoy because I work well with other people and when it’s with course mates it makes it more fun, not that it wasn’t fun already! After this I usually have an hour to kill before my next lecture of the day at 12pm, so I usually go to the SU with some course mates where we sit and chill out with a coffee or chat about our course or where everyone went out the night before.

After my 12pm lecture where I'm way more awake, I go and get some lunch and then go to the library to work on my assignments. My course doesn't have a lot of contact hours, which leaves so much time for reading and researching. Right now I’m doing a lot of group work for one of my modules so we get to meet up to work on our assignment together. If I have an hour free I'll usually go to the gym which is right around the corner from where I live on Mutley Plain, and then depending on the day I will go to my pole fitness lesson. I usually leave this feeling a bit worse for wear because it requires so much strength, but at the same time elated because I manage to achieve something new and hit a target every time!

Once this is all done, I'll go home to have dinner and hang out with my housemates for a bit before getting myself ready for the night if I have a social on or if I’m going out with friends. After telling my friends that I'll be there by a certain time and then showing up half an hour late, we will have some drinks at theirs and then head off out to a pub or a club. If it’s a night where I’m not going out I usually just sit in and do some more work or we all have a bit of a movie night together.

This is pretty much a typical day for me unless I need to do my course rep and volunteer duties, or if I'm working as a student ambassador on that day. I love what I do and its all making my second year go so fast. Time flies when you’re having fun!