An update on what I've been up to

I see it fit to describe work as a seesaw.  If you think about a seesaw, it either goes up or down… This reflects my field of work as my work load can go up and down very quickly and can go from one extreme to the other in no time at all.  When it’s “down” I use this time as best I can to get organized with everything and follow up on any loose strings there may be so that when I am on an “up” motion,  and can’t keep my feet on the floor then I know where things are and how I can return to a more stable level.

With it now coming into summer a lot of my colleagues are starting to go on longer vacations, meaning that as a team their work needs to be covered. For the next few weeks I am covering a member of my team and will be working with some big customers which I am excited to do. Working alongside new customers gives me a chance to see how other members of my team work with their customers and maybe see better methods that I can adopt into my work. 

So what have I been doing apart from work in the past few months? A lot is the answer to that! I had a spontaneous weekend over Easter to Rome with my good German friend Lars (with the amazing beard). I hadn’t been to Rome before and found it to be a really cool place with lots and lots of history. However, going over Easter weekend wasn't the best idea, as it is the biggest weekend of religious celebrations in Rome and therefore very busy.

Then from the hectic streets of Rome I have been away to Spain for an incredible week in Spain with Abbi and her family. We stayed in a small village in the mountains not far from the beach with amazing views and a lovely landscape around the apartment. This was much needed and was lovely to spend some time relaxing and just switching off in the sun. 

It will be a busy next few months for me now with the whole merge and takeover at work, which will be very interesting and a learning curve for me. Outside of work it is also busy with a few friends coming to visit on weekends now that the weather is getting better and then before I know it I will be back in England ahead of Uni in September.