Why I chose Plymouth

So why did I want to come to Plymouth University? I first came to Plymouth when I was in year 12 on a residential trip with my sixth form college for a weekend. The trip offered the chance to stay in student accommodation, go to lectures and get a feel of what it would be like to study and live in Plymouth.  

Over the weekend I saw a lot of the city and also the university and instantly loved the feel of it. I especially liked the city campus feel as everything was so central from the lecture halls to the shops and the campus is only a stone throw away from the Hoe. It felt right and I knew I could happily study my degree in Plymouth.  

So that’s what I thought about the city and the university itself and that was all well and good as long as they had a course that I was interested in. I looked into some courses that they offered and they sounded good but I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to do, either a business degree or an economics degree. So when I found the combined Business Economics course this really was a bonus for me. What really sold the course more though was that it was a sandwich degree with the option to do a placement. This was something I was looking for when searching for a degree program so this drew me in and this was the final selling point, making it a certain that I wanted to come to Plymouth.

So after 2 years at Plymouth I can say that I am extremely glad I chose Plymouth, as everything is so convenient.  The Hoe is something I have grown to love more and more, especially when the weather is good.  Being in Munich this year has made me realise how much I actually miss the sea, which is something I never really noticed before as it has always been there. The course itself is enjoyable and it has the variation I was looking for with mainly Economic modules but also has the Business aspect to it, so I do enjoy the mix.  All in all I am very happy I chose Plymouth and feel I made the right choice with university.