Reflecting on my placement year

Hearing about the struggles of my friends who are completing their dissertations is really eye opening and it is now setting in that it will be a big challenge, but an exciting challenge hopefully. Seeing how much work and the long hours that are needed to do the dissertation has made me be more proactive with my time and I have started making a small plan, along with doing some reading on my chosen topic so I can get straight into it when I return to Plymouth in September. Scary as September is coming round very fast considering it is nearly June already…

I am excited to go back and focus on my studies but am so glad I took a year out from education and got some work experience.  I could not recommend it more, as not only have I now got a year's experience under my belt, but I have learnt a lot this year about myself that I did not know before. I have picked up valuable skills and developed ones that I would say I already had. Additionally to the skills, I now have a better idea of what I would like to do in the future and also what sort of roles really would not suit me. 

The main bit of advice I would say about a placement year, and I am sorry that I probably sound like your parents, but it is true when they say “you get out what you put in”. The more you try and get involved in at work, the more skills you will pick up. Not only that, you learn from others massively and it is hard to put a price on their experience. So my final tip is never be afraid of asking questions and use the experience of others to learn from and develop in whatever role you are in whilst on placement.