2016 is flying by

It is already March and 2016 is flying by already. The days are getting longer and it is starting to feel like spring is arriving and then not long until summer. I made the long journey back to Plymouth last weekend and I say long for a reason as it took 13 hours to arrive in Plymouth after travelling through the night, but thankfully turned out to be worth it when I arrived. At first it was strange being back in Plymouth, as it has been so long, but was so good to catch up with friends I have and also get a cheeky training session in with UPLAX ahead of their varsity game on Wednesday. Going back to Plymouth made me realize that I really miss the sea so wanted to take full advantage of this, visiting the Hoe on Saturday and then going to Bantham with Abbi on Sunday, which was lovely! Of course it would have been rude not to pay a visit to the SU on Saturday night. It was certainly different compared to the night life I have grown to love here in Munich, but Bang Bang livened me up at the end of the night so all turned out very well. 

Work has slowed down a lot this week and customers have been rather quiet which is good as it means there are currently no supply issues, and that does not happen often… With a bit more spare time at work this has allowed me organise all my emails and check any long standing issues and follow up on requests that I have not heard back from. I have learnt that being organised makes working so much easier when it is busy as time is saved looking for documents and emails are instantly, enabling you to give customer feedback instantly.  This is one thing customers really appreciate and keeps them happy and off my back.

On another note, I am very sad that Chelsea are no longer in the Champions league but at least I have the rugby to enjoy this weekend against Wales.