An update on my year on placement

Last time I wrote I was about to head off to Slovenia skiing for a week… It was such a good week away and I would definitely recommend it. The Slovenians are such nice people always wanting to help. We stayed in Bled, which is one of the prettiest places I have been with the spectacular landscape around Lake Bled and mountains as an amazing backdrop. It was so nice to get away and have some time off work and to be able to switch off completely and just enjoy some free time!

I had to sadly come back to reality eventually and I came back to work and had a lot to catch up on… Just being away for that week made me realize how fast the industry I am working in changes. I came back to a handful of new problems and challenges, which were not around before I left. This is what I find most exciting about the job, the constant change and new challenges that arise out of the blue week to week. Since being back, I have been receiving more customer calls, wanting answers to some of the issues we are talking about via email. As you know, there are no places to hide on the phone so remaining calm and not panicking is key. The second I give a response which I am not certain of, customers will pick up on this and if what I said doesn't happen then they will use this against me making me feel like I am in a court on the defending side of a trial.  I can safely say it is a learning curve and after a few experiences of heated customer conference calls, I am learning to remain calm and just stick to the facts and make sure I have done my research on the case before making the call. 

Munich has had snow on a regular basis here in the city and waking up to just a white blanket as I look out of my window before work is pretty cool. I didn't think I would ever say this but it does get a bit annoying having it around sometimes. I sound so British I know, complaining about the weather, but then again snow is always better than rain. 

In other news last week it was the AGM in Plymouth for the Lacrosse team. I had put myself forward as first team captain and got voted in against some fierce competition with the amount of people that entered (I will let you decide if that is sarcasm)  but none the less I am excited for the role and looking forward to being more involved in the club.