So what does 2016 have to offer?

I saw out the new year in Berlin with my girlfriend Faisal. This was my first visit to the city so it was all new to me and was certainly interesting. A lot of time was spent learning about all the history and culture that Berlin has, which was amazing and eye opening to see how this modern European city was in a completely different world only 25 years ago. It certainly showed me how things can change so quickly. Being in the north of Germany meant the weather was extremely cold. During the day it was a mere -7 degrees but with the wind chill it was bought down to -16. It made me think that England is tropical compared to that! Of course Berlin has a reputation for its amazing night life… it did not disappoint and it is a whole different world!

So 2016… I wonder what it has to offer. Work started exactly how I left off and was relentless with a lot to catch up on from over the festive period and additionally we were still having some supply issues from the previous year. I jumped in at the deep end and got stuck in and got on top of tasks quickly. Another important skill I am slowly picking up during my internship is the importance of prioritising my work and arranging my tasks in order of importance, which at the start of my internship is one thing that I was rather useless at to say the least! Not only during the first week back did I have to catch up on my own customers, but I was also responsible for a team members customers who was still on vacation. This sounds like hell, but I have actually really enjoyed this as it has shown me what other customers are like and has bought about new problems that have needed solving so I have learnt a lot in the first week back.

Some of you may or may not know where Munich is in Germany.  Well basically Munich is very close to the Alps and from my balcony in my apartment I wake up and see the sunrise over the mountains, creating amazing views some mornings (I will get a picture and show you soon). With the Alps so close it would be rude not to take advantage of them. So during the first week back there was a public holiday so a group of us (all from Plymouth Uni) decided to go skiing for the day.  We woke up early and got the train to Zugspitze, which is the tallest mountain in Germany, and had an amazing day on the slopes. This is one thing I am hoping to do a lot of this winter as well as some hiking trips in the mountains with a German friend of mine known as the man with the amazing beard...