Turning 21 and Christmas back in the UK

Now I am 21, it officially means I am “a fully grown adult”. That’s what people say anyway but I can’t say I feel any different, which I am going to say is a good thing. So what’s been going on recently? Well December was a busy month for me with the works Christmas party, my 21st birthday (of course), going home and of course that small celebration we call Christmas.

So I’ll start with the final weeks of work. I was hoping and wishing for a nice end to the year with no problems and a smooth transition into the New Year.  Sadly this was not the case. Leading up to Christmas there was a few supply issues that were out of my control, which is always a frustrating thing when I am dealing directly with the customer and having to tell them the bad news, making me seem like the bad guy. Nevertheless every experience is a lesson learnt and times like this help me to be more understanding of what can be done and then communicating it in the most effective way to customers, even if this is to tell them news they don’t necessarily want to hear. Being busy did however make the final weeks pass a bit quicker as I was very excited about going home for the Christmas period.

The last two weeks were not only busy with work, there was time for celebrations too. Firstly, the works Christmas party, which was a smart affair held in the English Gardens (Google it as it’s an amazing place) at a nice restaurant. It consisted of a nice meal with some formal speeches and a nice selection of drinks throughout the night. The following week was my 21st so I thought I had to make it a good one! I celebrated the weekend before, as it fell on a Wednesday (thanks Mum and Dad), and headed to a warehouse where there was a lineup of top DJs so made it a night to remember. Then my actual birthday myself and a few friends living in the city went for a meal and a few drinks after, which I thought was a very civilized affair. Friday finally came and this meant one thing… being picked up from the airport in London and heading straight to get Chinese takeaway with my girlfriend to get some much needed food before heading out for a few drinks! It was the perfect Friday night back in England! Having that weekend in London was nice seeing some friends from Uni who I haven’t seen since finishing last May so we had a lot to catch up on.

After a few days relaxing and enjoying time with my girlfriend it was time to head back to Bristol to see the family. With a quick stop in Bristol I then headed up to Cheltenham on Christmas Eve to see all my grandparents and cousins, which for me is where it really feels like Christmas with all the decorations and of course the amazing food! It was lovely to see all my family and made me really appreciate spending time with them as it’s hard to see them while living in Munich. Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it the time had come for me to leave England again. It was safe to say I really did not want to go and it only felt like yesterday when I was landing and waiting to be picked up. So the end of one Year and a new one just round the corner…