Leading up to Christmas in Munich

I can safely say these past few weeks have been busy. My work load has increased massively, Christmas is nearly here and I need to get presents as I have not even started! Not good. With the festive period approaching the city is going mad with Christmas markets and with the winter in full swing the atmosphere around the city is getting very excitable for the big day!  I would recommend coming to the German markets in Germany as they are just that much better than the ones we have back home. The whole ambience with the live bands, the smell of the “Gluewein” (mulled wine) and the crisp winter nights really gets you in the mood for Christmas.

Last week I made my first trip back to England and had an awesome weekend in London with my girlfriend.  Felt like a proper tourist in my own country which was a strange feeling but never the less was a lot of fun wondering around all the tourist traps! One thing I certainly miss about England is the food! Simple things like bacon sandwiches and coco pops in the morning is just not the same here in Munich! I made the most of those two things, having them every morning without fail. I did have a funny moment in a shop at the check outs, clearly thought I was still in Munich… I not only said hello and greeted the store worker in German I then said “Danke” when leaving the shop. I did not even notice what I had said until he looked at me like I was on another planet! I bet he thought I must be good at German, even if that’s pretty much as far as my vocabulary stretches.

Since my last blog, my role has changed a lot. I have grown in confidence in all aspects of my role and have learnt a lot about the company processes and the role we play in the market.  I have moved to the Customer Services team and have been allocated the customer base in Hungary and Ukraine, potentially taking over the Romania locations as well which will be pretty awesome. With the added responsibility it makes the role a lot more enjoyable, as I enjoy being pushed and staying organised with the customers, making sure everything is in order and things are running as smoothly as possible, which can be a big challenge! Something I picked up on quickly is the importance of building friendly relationships with customers. This not only helps you by making your life easier getting responses from your customers promptly, it also makes working with them a laugh at times. Another change in my role is an increased engagement with my new team. What makes it even more engaging is the diverse culture within the team. My colleagues are from many different countries such as Cuba, Turkey and Romania so I can go on cheeky holidays all over the place! Working in such an international team has opened my eyes up to how big some culture differences are and how growing up in some countries was so different compared to my childhood in England.

In other news I have a very nice announcement! So I said in my previous post that I had joined Munich Lacrosse team… I can now say I have scored my first goal for them as well!  I won’t mention what the final score was as that’s not important right now, but let’s just say we didn’t win…