2016 so far

My new semester doesn’t start until next week which you would think is a good thing. However, my time has been occupied with 6000 words that had to be handed in by the 15th and 18th of January. That is now done and dusted, to what standard remains to be seen.

This two week reprieve has been a welcome relief to be honest, although with my final modules there is a considerable amount of reading to be done, probably more than any other terms/semesters previously. So I have been mostly curled up (in between soggy school runs) reading Edgar Allan Poe and other American Noir crime writing.

I also have a contemporary poetry module to grapple with this next semester, which I was quite looking forward to until I read that we have to put a presentation together each week as part of our overall grading. EeeeKKk!!! To say I’m anxious about this is an understatement as after reading this I proceeded to have a nightmare in which my tongue was pulled out by two very aesthetically challenged looking people on a train in front of all the other passengers....My lecturers are really supportive though so I'm sure I'll be fine.

Dissertation portfolio mark and feedback has been returned and to say I’m relieved is an understatement, mid 2:1 is a nice start. Now though it gets intense with only 4 months left to complete the whole thing. So all in all I have 5 pieces of work left until I am done with my university career. That is somewhat scary as then it’s time to re-enter the real world AGAIN.

With that being said there are lots of career option talks and presentations organised by the university these next couple of weeks that I am actively attending, from preparing and delivering presentations to a networking evening. All of which I shall post about in my next blog. For the meantime I shall be buried in the bowels of the library somewhere, frantically looking for inspiration and motivation. Oh and also starting my second semester.