The Dissertation portfolio

With presentations, essays and a dissertation portfolio to complete by mid-December it was an extremely hectic few weeks at the end of last term.

What tends to happen at the beginning of each year is illness - no matter how healthy I begin the year and whatever my good intentions of staying fit and healthy are throughout the first term/semester I never actually manage it. The reality of having a family and an increasingly pressured timetable hit me hard resulting in illness and two weeks of recovery.

Advice to any newbees…..take extra care of yourself at the beginning of each year for germs are flying around like drunk bees. Couple this with a weak immune system whether that be due to an excessive social life or stress from responsibilities – it can be quite difficult to navigate your work load.

On a positive note – I am back to full health with the help of an extreme detox (not for the faint hearted).

My dissertation portfolio is looming and this is now top priority. I am writing a stage play based around social realism. I’ve managed to write 18 pages so far, however this has to be accompanied by an essay on the story, plus a bibliography of 10 sources with 50-100 words on why you choose these and a peer review….Eeek!!!

Dissertation preparation

Dissertation preparation

I guess the purpose of all this work is to show progress and research. It is assessed and is worth 20% of our overall dissertation mark which is quite daunting. All of this right in the middle of the xmas period when all you want to do is buy presents and drink mulled wine. Plus we still had seminars up until the 18th December so there was still lots of other reading and work to be done aside from my dissertation portfolio. With that being said I am feeling positive and just about managing to keep up with the workload.

It can be done even if you are ill and struggling. I’ve learnt to motor on through and not let anything deter you from your goal. My last essay I wrote in 10 hours due to having the sickness bug and I still managed to obtain a mid 2:1. It can be surprising what you can achieve in the low times. As one of my favourite tutors said to me in the second year ‘you have great bounce-ability’ this has now become my motto/positive affirmation for when I’m feeling defeated from illness or life and it has definitely served me well so far.