Student Union Experience

Since attending uni I think I have visited the Student Union of a night time once. Student life for me is a little different to that of the younger student, especially the social life. With that being said I still use the Student Union but mainly during the day between uni time and the school-run time.

I visit Costa Coffee most mornings when I am on campus for a soya latte whilst trying to ignore the blueberry muffins that wink at me near the till...…Not very successfully I hasten to add!! I also sometimes visit the SU in the afternoons after intense seminars or lectures....sometimes I’ll get dragged in by friends who randomly cross my path outside……and with it being that time of day it’s always a toss-up between coffee and beer. Again, my will power for something that might bring slightly more pleasure whilst in the throes of studying is quite weak.

The one time I did visit the SU in the evening it was a complete contrast to the daytime. There is a lot more drinking, the floors are slippery and Costa aint open. I was probably one of the oldest in the SU and I watched on while my fellow students enjoyed themselves. Give me the civilised SU during the day anytime…..where drinking is done over laptops and where I can easily find a seat and food if need be.

The end of term is always quite an interesting time at the SU, still during the daytime for me though. It tends to attract most of our course peers in for a drink or two or three…..Mmmm!! To be fair it usually turns into a full daytime session where a babysitter is required on my behalf. I guess you could say for me this is as close to a night time social life as I get so I tend to make the most of it. It’s a session to celebrate/commiserate, where students have dragged themselves off the library floor into the SU, pale and exhausted and in need of sleep, food and fun….oh and a little alcohol. In reverse order obviously.

Comparisons of the SU from daytime to night-time is subjective I guess. For me being somewhat older and a parent who rises with my little vampire child at around 5/6am most mornings, night time socialising and drinking is not very beneficial to my well-being or studying. I do enjoy a little daytime sesh once in a while and find the vibe always relaxed in there, sometimes a little too relaxed and I end up staying longer than planned but I suppose that is the whole point of the SU, to create an atmosphere for all students to go and relax in whatever time of day they choose.