New Year - New modules?

My third year is a time to knuckle down – seriously – no more procrastinating….My attitude is to stay as healthy and focused as possible. This entails eating clean and sleeping LOTS. With perhaps a little exercise squeezed in.

The modules are run chronologically on from the first and second years so they aren't so much of a shock to the system.

What is it like to enter the new academic year?

Entering a new academic year after four months of summer bliss is always hard. For me this year I was slightly more prepared, although the reading that I should have done in my time off never really manifested to the extent I planned. The difficulty I have with being an independent single parent is trying to engage in a book whilst having a four year old constantly enquiring about her little life’s dramas and asking me to play with her ‘My Little Pony’s’.

What do you think of your modules?

I have two fixed modules this semester, one being The Short Story and the other Modernism. Next semester consists of American Crime Writing and contemporary Poetry

I'm happy with all the modules this year, although Modernism slightly scares me for the concept of having to figure out a ‘movement’ described by some critics as being something that never really existed, then analysing it to the point of having to come up with your own theory in a 3000 word essay, is slightly daunting!

Almost forgot…..Oops!!! I also have my dissertation module which continues throughout the year. This will be challenging mainly as it is self-governed, meaning setting my own timetable. Something I am getting better at, although whether I am able to put this into practise enough to successfully complete a dissertation in a stress free organised manner remains to be seen.  

Reality is setting in... careers lecture earlier today. 

How do you feel about your final year?

For me, my final year is bitter sweet, for I love studying and expanding my knowledge yet I am also extremely keen to put these new skills into practise.

Being a mature student and single parent I am obviously looking forward to earning (hopefully) a decent wage in an environment that is conducive with what I’ve been studying. Yet the thought of returning back to the real world is quite daunting.

So I think this last year I shall try to enjoy university life in a balanced way, a way that benefits both my academic studies and the social aspects of uni life. 

What are you looking forward to learning?

Learning for me is very broad. As long as something is expanding my knowledge in a productive way and enhancing my future in a positive way then I enjoy it all. With that being said, this final year has a contemporary poetry module which is the reason I came to uni in the first place.  So, I am interested and keen to see if my skills in poetry have developed and if my understanding of poetry has become more sophisticated.