Summer Sun and Surf

This year has most possibly been the greatest year of my life. Plymouth University has opened so many doors for me… My previous employment prior to Uni, combined with working as a student ambassador has given me the work skills and experience to be hired to work for Red Bull, leading me to support ManGo surf shop for their shop launch (see previous blog about ‘ManGo surf’). And if it was not for helping out ManGo surf, I would not be in Spain right now working with the most incredible people at Star Surf Camp Santander.


I am working in Santander as a surf instructor for Star Surf camps, who also own ManGo surf shop in Plymouth. This company has gone from strength to strength. The camp is luxurious and at an incredible price.


The surf spots are beautiful, with beaches offering smooth, fat waves for longboards (in Gerra) ranging on to fast, steep short board waves (Los Locos).


Most days here have been spent teaching guests how to surf at Oyambre beach, followed by a sunset surf with the team I work with (although I would definitely class them as family), and then onto evening entertainment for the guests.


Although I do miss my surf instructor family in Polzeath (Cornwall), I could not be happier to be spending my summer meeting people from around the world travelling and surfing. I have made the most of this paradise, and it’s all thanks to the gang at ManGo Surfing for helping me to get this job, and for being so patient waiting for my documents to be able to work in Spain. Soon I will be returning to the UK to complete my final year of my psychology degree.