Campus Colour Dash

Our University 'Raise and Give' society are always running events to raise money for charities. I saw a post on Facebook about the yearly Colour Dash and remembering last year seeing the morning aftermath of colour on the pavement around campus, I was dying to get involved. This year the society decided to give the money they raised from entry fees to Brain Tumour research. Working for Red Bull, I decided to get some of our branded tools involved and to invite a band along to play to make this event even bigger than it already had been the previous year.

Once I had set up the branded tools early in the morning on campus, I got ready to run and do some GoPro filming. I didn’t anticipate just how messy it would get! The RAG society used eco-friendly powder paint to throw on the hundreds of students partaking at different points in the course.

Once the colour dash was over, the band ‘Double Denim’ (check them out, they’re super quirky and fun) played on the main campus open area for all students to enjoy. Double Denim have recently been on BBC radio 1 introducing, so I knew I had to get them involved in our campus event.

In total the Raise and Give society raised £2440 for Brain Tumour research from this amazing Colour Dash event.

I also created a small GoPro edit of the event with music by Double Denim: