Take a Break

There is no way to sugar coat the exam period… It can be a stressful time revising if you want to achieve your full potential. There is a way to relieve the stress however: take a break and do what you love doing most.

You can work yourself into the ground very easily, so plan your time well. Yes you should plan revision into your week, and base your week around getting the hours in to write essays, plan revision for exams or whatever your specific course entails. Studying for at least 12 hours a day for a full week however, is not going to help maximise your performance (As I found out during the first week of revising for my exams). 

My personal preference is to study for maybe 3 days at a time, then take a day or two to relax and get out of the studying environment. Every student has their own approach to studying, but I can guarantee you will feel a lot more motivated to work hard if you give yourself some proper down time during studying weeks.

My ways to de-stress

1. Surfing

During exam period I have visited some beautiful spots around Cornwall for surfing in my planned days off. That is where I am most happy and calm. Being in the sea is my way of completely clearing my head of stress.

2. Climbing

Climbing at the Life Centre in Plymouth is a great way of meeting new people and testing your strength and technique on the wall. I have been studying through the day, and going for a few hours to climb as a reward for working hard. Going to the climbing wall is great if you don’t have a car to get out of the city – It’s only a 15 minute walk from Campus. 


3. Dartmoor

Only a 15 minute drive from the city is the beautiful Dartmoor, great for mountain biking and Hiking. Take a break to enjoy Plymouth’s natural beauty.


January is a busy time for students, but be sure to plan in your own time. Even if you can just grab a couple of friends to spend the time with, get out of the city and clear your head. Find your inner calm, and deadline period will be a breeze.