Moving to University - top tips

Moving to University at 23 years old came as a big shock to my system- instantly meeting lots of new people of all ages/ backgrounds! It was a completely different way of life compared to the full time work I was used to. But the Plymouth university staff and students made it the smoothest transition I could have possibly asked for!

I did not follow the usual 'Freshers' route into halls of residence, but decided to move into a private shared house with a landlord. The same principles apply if you're moving into shared private accommodation and halls of residence- it's scary but you know that everyone is in the same boat. You may not know anyone at first, but in my opinion that's the greatest way to meet new people and build strong relationships with others. 

Here are some tips to get to know new people when living in a new place...

The first couple of weeks of moving in are the most important to get yourself out there. Be confident, and go out of your comfort zone: say ‘hi!’ to someone- what's the worst that could happen? 
When in your room, if you can, prop your bedroom door open so that others in your building can easily introduce themselves to you. 

Faculty welcome parties during Freshers week are the best way to meet staff and students on your course. It's a fun night in the marquee with food, live music and a raffle to win some sick prizes! You may go alone but you'll leave with some new mates.

The sports day during Freshers is a must! If I can give any top tip it's to get yourself signed up to at least a couple of the sports or societies. This opens doors to some incredible trips away, competitions with clubs and again, it's another way of meeting some like-minded people who have similar interests as you. I joined the Snow Riders club this year- and through this club I've attended snowboarding competitions, amazing ski trips away (at a super cheap price) and monthly social nights out.

Meeting new friends has never been so easy thanks to Plymouth University. Grab your Freshers guide and get out as much as possible - there are activities to suit everyone!