Balancing Lifestyles - Red Bull and Uni

This year I am working as a Red Bull Student Brand Manager whilst studying my second year in psychology. So far it’s been a lot of fun! Lots of hard work but all the same, a great opportunity. Having a part time job whilst studying is awesome, you learn how to balance your time and prioritise responsibilities.

My Red Bull job is an insane opportunity for a student, working around campus to help improve students’ energy whilst promoting the brand. My first event with Red Bull was the Steeplechase event in Exmoor. The weather was perfect, and the days were jam packed with branding duties and generally helping to set up the event. I was able to gain a lot of insight into the day to day workings of a full time Red Bull worker, which also gave me a lot of experience which I can transfer into day to day life.

Currently I am balancing uni deadlines, while ensuring I hit my Red Bull deadlines, which has been tough but it has meant I’ve needed to think outside the box and get more creative in the way I approach my work. Creating TO-DO lists have been the best way for me to stay on top of work. If you can plan your week before it happens, maybe using a wall calendar, you won’t miss a deadline.

Part time jobs in Plymouth are pretty easy to get a hold of. Every year the university employability team organise a job fair event around October for part time jobs in Plymouth. This year saw 30 plus local businesses coming to our Uni to promote working for them. Choose a part time job you know you can fit around your studies. If your University course is 30 hours a week of contact time and self-study you don’t want to be taking on a part time job which will interfere with that. It’s always best to remember you are paying to study, so missing out would be counter-productive to your degree.

So… Having a part time job during study is perfect for everyone. Extra money in pockets but more importantly, you will improve those all-important life skills you need for your future career. It can be tough balancing study and work but if you find a job you’re passionate about (Like how I am with my Red Bull job) everything will fit together like a puzzle.