Over the Christmas period

Your last seminar/lecture, whatever you may have before Christmas is always like the last day of school. You’re excited for a break, excited to go to the pub with your coursemates and lecturers afterwards and for most, head back home and relax. Not quite the same as school is the work you still have to do while you’re on your break. Unlike some, I didn’t have to cram for any exams over Christmas or even spend a large chunk of my time writing essays. I did however, have to compile a presentation.


To most, a presentation isn’t anything special, you write out some flash cards, spend hours finding just the right powerpoint background, stand up, present, and you’re done. As someone who really, really hates public speaking, a presentation is not quite what you want to be focusing on during the Christmas holiday.

One thing that I tried to do during my undergraduate degree was to ensure that when there is some kind of break from university, is to do some work, but don’t over-work. It can feel like you’re being idle and procrastinating sat in front of the TV eating crisps and sweets from tins, but working because you feel pressure and forcing yourself to be productive, in my experience often leads to sloppy work. So take the breaks, set some targets to reach, enjoy New Years Eve, the work will be there the day after and you will get respite from the horrible bouts of writers block, (the crisps and sweets help!)

Settling back into the routine of is always difficult following Christmas. You have your deadlines that seem a lot closer on the other side of New Years Day, for some, myself included you also have to go back to work, which is a much bigger struggle than training your brain again!